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Historic District Review Board
The Historic District Review Board oversees the Town's Historic District.

Kerry Shackelford (Chairman)
term expires January 8, 2021

Herb Thom
term expires January, 8, 2023
Edward Wells (Vice Chairman)
term expires January 8, 2022

Michael Strub (PC Rep.)
term expires October 31, 2023
term expires January 8, 2025

Regular sessions are held the third Tuesday of every month at 6:00pm. Work sessions are scheduled on an as-needed basis.


Historic District Review Board Application Procedures

The local Historic District is an overlay zone which regulates exterior modifications to existing buildings, construction of new buildings, and demolition of buildings. The Historic District Review Board reviews proposed projects which are considered substantial alterations to existing buildings, as defined by Section 8.18 of the zoning ordinance. The Board uses the  Historic District Guidelines to regulate all projects in the Historic District.

Applicants must first consult the Planning and Zoning Department to determine if a project will require approval from the Historic District Review Board. If the Zoning Administrator determines a project requires review by the Historic District Review Board, reference the four-step application process below.

Historic District Review Board Applications, Forms, Ordinances, and Guidelines:

Four-Step Application Process:

Step One: Complete a  Pre-Application Information Form and submit it to the Planning and Zoning Department, along with a concept plan. Once submitted, the Planning and Zoning Department will contact the applicant to schedule a Pre-Application meeting. Feedback about the proposal, along with an overview of the application/review process, will be provided during this meeting.

Step Two: After the Pre-Application meeting, a Certificate of Appropriateness application and supporting documents may be submitted to the Planning and Zoning Department. Reference the  Historic District Review Board Application Schedule for deadlines.

Step Three: The Planning and Zoning Department staff will review the submitted application and supporting documents to ensure the application is complete. If additional information is required, staff will email the applicant requesting this information. After receiving a complete application, staff will prepare a staff report summarizing the proposed project. The staff report and application will be added to the meeting agenda, which will then be posted on the website and sent to the Historic District Review Board a week prior to the meeting date.

Step Four: The applicant or their representative must be present at the Historic District Review Board meeting to answer any questions the Board may have regarding the proposed project. At this meeting, the Board will determine whether a Certificate of Appropriateness will be issued for the project. 


Please contact the Planning and Zoning Department for further information concerning the Historic District Review Board.


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