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Cape Charles Museum and Welcome Center

Cape Charles Museum Entrance


About 2 miles in from the Cape Charles traffic light, just past the water tower, is a tall brick building which serves as the Museum and Welcome Center for the Town.  It is owned and operated by the Cape Charles Historical Society, a non-profit organization of about 200 members, many local, some as far away as Hawaii and Thailand.  The Museum and Welcome Center is open 7 days a week from mid-April through November and serves about 3,000 visitors each year.  Exhibits center on the heydays of the town from the 1880s through the mid-20th century, when steamers, ferries and the railroad operated continuously, but also include the crater from 35 million years ago, which was centered near Cape Charles, the historic early Arlington house, subject of serious archaeological interest, and more current topics.  A new exhibit is presented each season.


Bloxom Station at CC Museum  

Exhibits are created from the Society's archives which are cataloged and stored in the adjoining   reconstructed Bloxom Station.  Since its founding in 1886 and the Museum's opening in 1996, the Society has remained true to its mission of preserving and presenting to the public local history through exhibits, videos, oral histories and occasional lectures.  The Museum regularly receives donations of local materials and frequently provides researchers with information, photographs, etc. 


The Museum sends three yearly newsletters to prospects and "friends" as well as members.  All non-contracting work is done by volunteers, including all Board members.  The Museum welcomes new volunteers as well as people who are just interested in their mission and activities. 


You can click the link below to visit the Cape Charles Museum's web page.


Cape Charles Museum and Welcome Center



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