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Message #4 to Public re: COVID-19 - March 21, 2020
Posted on Saturday March 21, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID – 19) Update #4 

Dear residents, business owners and guests, 

As of this morning, March 21, 2020, the Town Council and I have agreed to take some additional actions for the safety of our community. Below are areas of closures and heightened awareness. 

Closure:  The playground will be closed until further notice as we are unable to keep the area sanitized.

Heightened Awareness:  Please be aware of your surroundings and remember to keep the minimal social distance of 6 feet.

Tennis Courts – Although the courts will remain open, we strongly urge users to bring sanitary wipes to disinfect the gate when entering and leaving.  Please limit the number of people inside the tennis court area to 8 at any given time.

Central Park – Please be mindful that the benches and other items in the park, gazebo and the area around the fountain may not be sanitary.  We ask parents to remain vigilant in their children’s play routine and if playing with other children, having them maintain the 6-foot social distance.

Fishing Pier – Please be mindful that the benches and railings may not be sanitary.  When passing try to pass at one of the wider locations.

Beach – Please be mindful that the handrails of steps may not be sanitary.

Sidewalks – We recommend that pedestrians using the sidewalks travel in the direction consistent with the flow of vehicular traffic when possible.  In areas with sidewalks only on one side of the street, please try to maintain the minimal social distance.

Businesses - Please remember no more than 10 people in your establishment at a time.  For restaurants that are still seating diners, we recommend having your customers make reservations in advance to ensure the maximum number of people is not exceeded.  Several restaurants in Town are now offering curbside pickup and/or delivery as well.

Please rest assured that the Town Council, Town staff and I are working behind the scenes to accommodate the needs of the residents, businesses and guests.  We will continue to post updates as new developments occur.  We urge everyone to sign-up for e-Notifications and Nixle Alerts on  

Please remember to wash your hands frequently and don’t touch your face.

Mayor William “Smitty” Dize


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